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Mori-Lee for Nadine

She is a little girl, traveling within an orb. You saw her many times in her orb! It's no bigger than a droplet of water. Seems like she's been with you for a long time, in a form of an imaginary friend so to speak. Or a sister you didn't have while growing up. She symbolizes a child within you as well. A magical pixie-like presence. I keep hearing giggles echoing everywhere. Not in a creepy way lol.. very joyful!
She says she sometimes sits just like this, at the top of your head. The lighter your head (mind) the easier it is for her to sit. She's making me laugh, she's like a playful kitten. But not a very small one, she says. They are goofy and she's not. She can be your size (and much bigger) too, she says, but she prefers not to. Humans are clumsy, she says as she giggles.
She does have energy of a child but her wisdom and connection and power are far beyond. But she's all about playing. I tried to get any info on her people but she says it shouldn't concern me. It's just about being light, lighter than a droplet of water.
You can talk to her in your head, she's always listening and she will respond. She can help you get in touch with your inner child. I don't believe she ever gets old, or even older than she is now. It seems like she is choosing to be like this and she is actually very old. But very young at the same time. She says there is nothing you can't do. Imagination is the key and it's not like those old people say just to make themselves feel young she says (she's cracking me up lol). It really IS the key and she is so proud of you for opening your imagination and setting it free.
Her skin, or rather under her skin there are so many beautiful glowing shifting patterns. They seem to be connected with her frequency shifting. Like Cymatics. They keep vibrating. They also morph like light through the surface of the water.
I am getting a name. Mori-Lee. Both Mori and Lee seem to have connections with the words like forest and meadow. She might be a nature sprite but I can't tell for sure as she is not wanting me to define her.
Lol she tells me - Well isn't that enough? as her attention drifts elsewhere, to something new to play with.
Okay, I guess it is :)