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Yayla, Pleiadian connection for Debe

Notes for the client:

She carries a very intense and intriguing energy. There are distinct lessons that connect here, and her Pleiadian energy has gone through the evolution and integrated them. She is a sage in her community, a very old soul so to speak. By remembering experiences from her other lifetimes and expressions she continues the integration through all the fractals of consciousness, and Earth has a special place in this expansion as many have come here to explore and witness an even deeper coming together of their own fragments.

We carry our galactic history within our DNA, just like all the other species are, with unique challenges that were overcome, and insights gained from these experiences that deepen our understanding of what works and what doesn't work. Being on the leading edge, Earth is in a way a culmination of this and many guides and kindred souls from our galactic family are flocking to offer their love and wisdom. She is here for you, as a loving guide through these tumultuous times.

What I am being shown are lessons learned from the Orion wars, and subsequent shadows that have rippled not just through the Orion civilization but through Pleiadians and Sirians as well. With each new cycle of expansion these lessons are being crystallized more and now it is our turn to face them, facilitated by all the wisdom accumulated from prior iterations and aided by our star kin.

She is emanating conviction that can only come from unconditional self love and allowing. Allowing of all to unfold as it needs to, knowing oneself and one's unbreakable connection with all that is and all who are (or were / will be). Knowing one's place in the universe and knowing that the heart is at the center of it. A vortex of unconditional love.

I did not receive her name or any specific messages, and my connection with her felt quite impersonal in a sense that I was simply a conduit. She did convey that you are very closely connected and that she is happy to share with you her experiences, love and wisdom, and watch you take expansion even further.