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Marc's galactic connections


These are some of the names for the same being / energy. They are also a kind of an invocation. It might have been used in many different star systems for this being, not just Earth. The picture shows Marc's other expressions. There is an ancient ancient root here, that goes back to when Lyrans started experiencing and expressing polarity, very close to the Source energy still. There is an Orion connection as well, when that polarity started to be overcome. There is an ancient Earth connection from the times of the Annunaki (more specifically Marduk) that is the missing link of the human evolution.

This energy was involved in altering human DNA. There might be residual karma from that period that needs to be (self) forgiven so that the wisdom of all these eras and ages can start pouring in effortlessly. Fear of his own power might be present, preventing him to take the leap of faith.

I am still blown away by this experience, as this energy was guiding me and taking me on spirit quests for a few weeks as I was working on the drawing. The white being resembles mantid energy as we would define it. She sees holographic patterns and she works with those. Including DNA enhancement, alteration and manipulation.

At this Now, this is a highly benevolent presence, containing the wisdom of so many experiences and projects. It wasn't always like that, this energy (Marc's essence and essence of the beings depicted) worked with its own counterparts to bring about wisdom, but it wasn't always respecting the law of free will and this is precisely what makes this high vibration possible. Diverse experiences and a thorough knowingness of the shadow aspects as well. Huge power emanating.

Shamanic energies present (obviously lol), which gives another layer of wisdom that is related to core planetary energies. Again, not just Earth / Gaia spirit but other places too.

Main thread and lesson here seems to be reconciling polarity within, and moving on to new consciousness of Earth. Sometimes a history this rich, especially when it has to do with such ancient concepts and races can become rigid when it comes to holding on to old lessons and experiences. This deep knowingness of "this is how it is" or "this is how it's done" that ancient souls carry with them can become a hindrance at this day and age and the shifts we are all going through. It is inviting all of us to share our wisdom but to also blend old with the new and take a leap of faith into the unknown. This is so to speak the missing link they are trying to point to right now. A big recognition is unfolding right now for Marc that will help integrate all of this on many levels.