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Mubarak for Alex

I believe he was presenting to you as a Jinn in one of your lifetimes when you were within that culture, but he's definitely an ET being.

He keeps giving me the name Mubarak. I don't think this is his name right now, but a name you knew him by in a lifetime he's trying to remind you of. Perhaps even not a name but the meaning of it, which holds a frequency of receptivity and being blessed. He does not wish to speak of where he is from. He says it's irrelevant and it's more important for you to not get distracted by labels.

You two know each other from so many lifetimes.. and I am getting a feeling of profound brotherhood. You are the same, he says. Just as he is watching over you "down here" at different earth times, you are there for him where he is in others. He is showing me a binary star system as a comparison of how two of you are connected. Always revolving around each other, and stronger together.

You were also in battles side by side, fighting together, dying together, evolving together. I feel his energy more like a spirit than an incarnation, because he's showing me all these different expressions and incarnations you two have had, so it is impossible to pin down the "origin" or location of his star system. He says you know because that is also one of your homes.

He is definitely one of your spirit guides right now, but not in a sense that he knows more than you, rather in a sense that he is your soul brother so to speak, and he is always, always there for you. You both know equally, and he wishes to help you remember that most of all.

He's kind of a badass too, I definitely sense a proud warrior energy, but not the conquering kind. A light warrior let's say even though I really don't like using that term as many tend to misinterpret.

The picture holds a lot of his essence energy and the looks is how he was presenting himself to you in that Arabic lifetime. I don't believe he looks this way anymore or that he is incarnated. Possibly because of the agreement of being your spirit guide. The reason he was presenting himself as a Jinn was because it was fitting your belief systems, just like some of them present themselves as angels. It is not that he deliberately chose to change his shape, it is more a co-creation between his energy and your filters, but he assured me this is the shape that will trigger most remembrance in you.