Hybrid Gift

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ET Hybrid connections of Shelley

Notes for the client:

One of these beings is your counterpart in a hybrid civilization. I cannot say with certainty which one, there are so many out there working with us. They are quite tiny, barely above 3 feet tall and absolutely adorable. The scene is meant to trigger memories and downloads, of your experiences with them both in your sleep and waking states.

You are one of the souls with a specific long term plan so to speak, as intentions that you have put forth date back from the very roots of humanoid civilizations in our part of the galaxy. One part of that intention was to harmonize and integrate different genetics in order to achieve evolutionary leaps. One of the ways and agreements you made in order to do that is through hybrid programs. Your essence is hopping through different civilizations and paradigms, always with this in mind. Wherever there is a merger happening, part of you is there to pioneer it and assist with it. It is almost as if I can see a chart of many different integrations you participated in through aeons, it's very interesting and feels almost mathematical! And all of them have led you to this exact moment and timeline. In linear terms, you have been doing this for a long time. But since we know time is relative when we talk about soul expressions and agreements, it is all converging in this moment.

These beings are not here to ask anything from you. You have given so much already. They are here to honor you, to show gratitude and to offer you a gift of healing and remembering. They are here to tell you of the impact your existence makes, of the ripples and blossoms it creates across realities. To thank you for their lives, as you are one of the souls who lovingly participated with your unique genetic structure (physical and ethereal codes) in creation of hybrid species across many timelines. Your core knows this, because it has been one of its primary intentions. To unite fractals of creation using celestial alchemy and move them forward towards new horizons of expansion, paving the way for others who decide to assist in the cosmic merger in this way.

By combining elements a new landscape is born, a fertile ground for novelty and exploration of All That Is. These beings know this, and wish to tell you all about it. I depicted them in a moment of anticipation and excitement, as they are looking forward to present themselves to you, slightly shy and in wonder still, about how best to convey the love they have for you. And the one holding the orb, that's the counterpart of yours, another version of your essence and expression, that continues the same work in their own race. You can both help each other if you wish, if it excites you, to trace all the different ways your higher self has been dancing through the spectrum of all the beautiful incarnations and races, finding the same recognizable blueprint in each of these lives. So that you can remember what you've set off to accomplish long ago, and see the fruits of your love and co-creation, amalgamation.

They are there with you, patiently waiting for you to meet them half way, not wishing to infringe upon your path but knowing that the time has come for you to grasp the extent of your work that spans across space and time. One essence, one love, and abundance of ways of expressing the unifying nature of it. I did not ask what the orb they are bringing with them is, but I did get a nugget about it's nature. It's a seed your soul has planted long ago. But they are the ones that wish to gift it back to you and convey the full meaning of it. Suspended in time, it will be there for you when you reach out. Now is the time to recollect, enjoy the fruits of your work and integrate, as you gather more and more of your light to move forward again when the timing is right.