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Galactic connection for Maria:

She has a bluish-silver glow to her energy, but it's not cold it feels very warm and comforting. She exudes grace and light. Very soft, loving being. She is a healer of the emotional/mental body. The ball she holds is some kind of advanced technology that can help clear out thoughts and emotions, confusion, contraction. They are represented here as clouds in the sky. She is showing that what we see in the world (clouds that surround her) is what we hold in ourselves (her eyes). She is also saying that each of us is holding the world in our palm, and that whatever we feel and think can also be comforting and healing, like being enveloped in fluffy cotton-like clouds. It is our choice. She presses the ball against my forehead and I understand the all seeing eye symbol on hers. Clearing out vision, third eye, sharpness, clarity..

She is watching over you, but also over humanity. She says she works with and through you when you hold hands. I don't know what that means, but perhaps you will.

She is a perfect mirror, unbiased, loving and undistorted. She doesn't walk or stand on the ground, she floats. I am getting that she is Andromedan, from another galaxy but residing in ours now. She came where service was called for. Not many of her people are here, but some are and are connecting with humans as their guides, teachers, healers. They work on a larger scale, not as much individual, which means they connect with people who are of service to the world and touch many lives in their work. Her eyes are sparkling blue, and very reflective, pearlescent. There is no visible pupil, iris.. it is all one color. She is sharing how important the ideas of seeing and eyes are in this image, and invites you to find all the possible meanings between the reflections you can see on it. She says you already work with her for the last 7 years. She didn't give me a name, but she has one. She will give it to you if she hasn't already.