member of the Plau Yel civilization
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Elder from the Plau Yel (Human-Grey hybrid) civilization - galactic connection For Anders

This being belongs to one of the hybrid races between humans and greys. They are known in channeling circles as Plau Yel.

He is about 5ft tall, and wears a white robe that resembles a bath robe but it's more like a teacher/monk garment. He is extremely wise and witty, very Dalai Lama like energy with him but perhaps a bit more strict, like an old Zen teacher or even Yoda from Star Wars. Beautiful energy and personality here!

When I asked for his name he said Niko, which means "nobody" in my native language lol.. "Mr. Nobody", he snickers.

He feels very respected and revered among his people. There was an entity who was channeled some years ago from his group, called Kidioki, and they both seem to be part of the same council of elders. They are not exactly galactic diplomants but the council has to do with networking with other races and bringing in the energy of being calm, collected and still to the meetings. They don't speak unless it is something very crucial, and even then they speak almost in riddles, in stories (just like zen stories). While they do that, they send out downloads.

He is very familiar with the energies of our planet, grid work, relationships between our planet and the whole Solar system, Cosmic energies. It is some kind of advanced physics but working through his enhanced psychic abilities rather than technology. He understands how the energies flowing in from the Galaxy are connected to our transformation, and this is what he can help you with, among other things.

He spends a lot of is time in the nature, contemplating and connecting to all life, communing with it and observing the energies in what we mistakenly call empty space. He says that humor is a large part of facilitating the flow of change and that seriousness usually grinds it to a halt, makes it and us rigid and in resistance. He walks barefoot and he always has this inquisitive and friendly but mischievous look on his face. It says even more than his silence.

You have been on a ship with him many times in your dreams, he usually walks with you on your left side.