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Spirit Guide for Carmen

This being / consciousness carries energies of non-duality. She seems to be related in some way to Tibetan goddesses. A feminine form of Buddha so to speak. I am not getting much information from her in terms of language and words. It's more of a presence of clarity, compassion, Oneness. There is a specific reason though, why she came through for you at this particular time of your journey. She is asking you to look for parts of you that you have excluded. There is something important within you that you are sacrificing on your path, possibly even consciously. She says that if you would shift your loving focus from what you have been pursuing to that which you are trying to get rid of, it would greatly ease your flow in this life, even though it might seem counter-intuitive.

There is something symbolic in the way she is showing up here, with one third of the light behind her shining on two thirds of darkness. It is a map of consciousness (along with subconscious, unconscious).

Focusing on light alone is a much slower process than simply turning that light towards the rest of you so to speak. Third eye acts as a prism for this light, and working on opening that chakra more is going to facilitate and enhance your ability to uncover what lies beneath the surface of the conscious mind. Compassion is applied to the self, all of the self without excluding anything. This is what light does. It heals and mends and loves. Her energy and her message are all about that. How there is no journey towards the light, it keeps flowing to us and through us, but we can direct its course in very beneficial ways to bring back the wholeness and imbue hidden parts of ourselves with supreme compassion by just shifting our focus.

She is saying that non-duality is not what a lot of people think it is, or what some teachings have distorted it to mean. It is not above and beyond, it is within and it contains everything. We contain everything. She explains that the only reason we experience duality is because we have somehow, somewhere along the way, decided that there is no place in this universe for parts of ourselves, and they got rejected, fragmented, devalued, ignored, deprived of light and hidden from it, yet they can never go away or disappear. A worthy challenge and lesson. The paradox of us trying to move towards the light with just a small conscious part of ourselves, while the rest of us, the bigger part of us, is being cruelly abused in all kinds of ways by our innocent desire to be free, a desire coming from a place of lack. So we end up spinning in circles, cycles, not really getting anywhere. Her presence is a major assistance you are being gifted with at this time, to move along this path of integration.

I cannot tell you much more about her, as she is radiating this message for all to hear, not just you personally, and is not concerned with identifying herself in a way our minds can latch onto. She did convey that we are living in times where this knowledge is crucial. I have to say though, translating these energies to words has been quite a challenge, as they are coming through in a quite specific form of downloads (kind of like an already 'finished' understanding and knowingness) that I had to "unpack" and then explain in my own words, rather than getting messages directly from her. So I hope I have managed to translate her intention as clear as possible, but as you open your third eye for direct downloads from her, you will get your "customized" understanding, rather than it being filtered through me and my belief systems.