Arcturian Blessing

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Arcturian Blessing for Alexandra

Notes for the client:

She has very motherly energy. I felt like she was looking into my soul and knew everything about me, and through me everything about my mother, grandmother, grand grandmother and so on, all the way back. So much love and acceptance. Her eyes felt very deep, familiar and compassionate. I felt she has great understanding of our turmoil as humans, which is not always the case when I connect with our galactic brothers and sisters. Not to say many don't have understanding for it, they do, but this was on a whole new level. Her soul has had incarnations here and she remembers.

She is not one of the non physical Arcturians, but an incarnate one. I think her eyes are different than what I saw, but her other lives were coming through and the eyes were glowing with brilliant light that I felt was holy spirit. So that is what I tried to depict. It was also a symbol from her, to express that she is a kind of a seer. She sees through timelines while she can stand outside of them.

I believe you two are of the same fractal, expressions of one stream of consciousness dipping its branches into different realities. Connected through heart. I don't know why I named the portrait Arcturian blessing but that is what came through. Perhaps you should be the one to uncover the meaning behind it :)