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Eskil for Roxy

What a lovely man this is. I felt he was very aware that I was making a portrait of him, and he first tried to be serious and official and put his arms behind his back.

As the time was passing every time I "looked" again I saw a next frame, and he was slowly cracking up. Ended up with a smile, and I could hear his hearty laugh. It was very interesting and exciting to him to participate in this co-creation. He was also lifting up my spirits as well, gradually, through his "frame by frame" smile. It was very sweet, like breaking the ice of introductions, as neither of us was sure how casual this contact is, and he didn't know at first what the process involved.

I got the impression that what to me was the experience of days passing by, it was mere moments for him.

I received Eskil as his name. I believe he is somehow involved in design and maintenance of the healing pods. He is more of a scientist and a quantum engineer so to speak, than a healer. But he participates in healing for sure. (Med beds or pods are not exact, they are models I could find to represent the technology.)

He has a very effervescent, humble personality, and it was such a pleasure to be in his presence. I got the impression that your guides figured you already know who they are, and they wanted to introduce more of the team who is working with you. Eskil can be very serious and official too of course, and have a commanding presence. But this contact was all about light and love and laughs :)