Tall Nordics

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Tall Nordic galactic family for Roger

Notes for the client:

This is your Nordic galactic family. They are brother and sister, and they came through as most relevant for you and your spiritual work at this time. They are over 7 feet tall and have quite tall foreheads. Highly telepathic and intelligent.

They have worked with humans before in this physical reality in some capacity, but I cannot access information about that. I am getting that you had many experiences with them and others of their community that you do not remember. Those experiences would happen when they would shift your state of being by using some kind of technology (or ability?) that would affect your electromagnetic field (brainwaves and heartwaves). I cannot say if they can do it naturally or not, but I am feeling an effect like being hit in the chest from within. Almost like sound of bass can vibrate our chest when we are next to a big speaker, that's the kind of hit I am feeling but it's a singular hit that immediately shifts attention and wakes up the senses beyond the 5 we usually use.

It makes me think of Carlos Castaneda books, when Don Juan would slaps him on the back. All of this is done by agreement and it is not harmful to you. The only challenge is remembering what you experienced in those states, once you are back in your routine Beta wave state.

I do believe you were on a ship with them, but meetings would also happen in astral, and those are usually easier to remember.

The main teaching that they carry and convey is to always return to self and to the present moment. There is no connection that is more important than between you and the Creator, and you and your own beliefs. Knowing exactly where you stand in relation to these beliefs is knowing how to interact with the world. Beliefs they are talking about are not just about anything, but about very specific things such as how do you see yourself in relation to Creation, who is the Creator to you, what kind of force animates you and what kind of influences you find yourself under.

It is their way of introduction, just like our way is introducing ourselves and saying our name. In the face of the unknown, these beliefs are what makes us or breaks us. And in the face of ET intelligence, these beliefs are what determines what kind of contact will occur. Being able to sort these answers out in our heads and hearts as individual humans in real time every present moment is prerequisite for meaningful communication with other worlds. Knowing who we are and owning it.

Those are their dominant teachings and it may seem simple but they touch the very core. They are saying it is all that matters in the moment in any interaction. Your connection with them is already mature, and you went through this process with them every time you meet, but you can teach others how to properly "introduce themselves" to the "other".