Arcturian Gateway

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Arcturian Gateway for Shelly

Notes for the client:

This was a tough one to depict, as it is very ethereal and abstract. Arcturian consciousness has shown up for you and they have put a strong importance to the Arcturian Gateway. It's been mentioned by many channelers so I am not sure how much you know about it, but I will share my own interpretation and experience with it.

It is something like a portal between physical and non physical dimensions, which souls use to incarnate to our system, and depart it once they cross over. However, those who connect with Arcturians deeply have experienced this portal and the "other side" of it when they are taken to galactic and higher astral journeys by their Arcturian family.

It very much feels like afterlife is described by those who have had near death experiences, in a sense that it feels like "home" or "heaven". Arcturians themselves, especially the non physical collective which I tried to depict here, are able to project this dimension outward as well, although I am not sure if they do it intentionally or if that's simply a consequence of their vibrational frequency. That realm, the "other side" is where all soul healing happens as well, for souls who need it, and the non physical Arcturian collective is (along with other beings and consciousnesses) involved in assisting that process.

As they are light beings it's very hard to put a shape and face on them, but they show up for me in bright white slightly golden light roughly humanoid shape. Sometimes I don't even see the humanoid shape but something similar to pillars of light, so even though this is a portrait of them, focus on the frequency and don't put too much importance on the shape presented. It is interesting to me that Arcturians have been showing up so much more than any other civilization lately. I know that is in part because I am deeply connected with them, but it's not just that. There is a tremendous healing undertaking going on right now, especially for the souls who are departing from this world. Some of us still in physical form are called to participate in the transmutation of these huge movements of intense emotional energy, through grounded compassion and love.

I don't know how that would look for you, but this is the message I am getting from them, that they are here to help you with your work, whether you are aware of doing any work or not- you are! They are also here for you to help in any healing and support you need through these interesting times on our planet.