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Sysko for Toni

Notes for the client:

This is one member of the group of beings that appeared first for you. They are an amphibian race of beings spanning throughout several star systems. I was getting Orion (more specifically Bellatrix), and Sirius. They are cultural ambassadors and are very well traveled so to speak, when it comes to our galactic neighborhood.

There is another group who appeared after them that I did not depict, who are very similar in vibration and their role but they are more reptilian looking. Still very sleek, with aquatic feel to them. I did not communicate with them as I was focusing on the first group.

These beings (amphibian ones) are sort of a bridge between certain races of Orion and Sirius. I feel like they are balancing the energies between the two very big galactic hubs. There is a mere people civilization within the Bellatrix system who are a bit set in their ways and do not enjoy contact with strangers, but are willing to communicate with this race and learn about different cultures from them, trade artifacts etc. I believe they are learning from teachers from Sirius in this indirect way.

The being I depicted wanted me to refer to them as Sysko or Cisco. I believe he is male, but I am getting strong feelings that reproduction does not work with them as it works with us, and that it's quite a different process. Probably the amphibian element. So it doesn't really mean the same thing when we think of him as a male.

Sysko conveyed to me that they live both in (fresh) water and on land. Either way works for them. He also says that they have chameleon like abilities which can adapt to any environment, but are a remnant of their lower density ancestors that they now use for communication as they do not need camouflage. It is also used to express empathy, emotions and sometimes even for fun display.

Like I said before, they are all cultural ambassadors, so Sysko is not an exception. However they all have their own fields of interest and he is focusing on finding missing links between civilizations. Genetic, historical or any other. All for the purpose of better connecting and bridging worlds. His work and wisdom can help you find balance where you need in your life, and in your expansion. It can also help you greatly with connecting to others of your family, learning about different cultures and sharing your own experiences and culture with others.

His energy feels invigorating and driven, and from my perspective it's something we could all use at this time on Earth. A balanced perspective with respect to other belief systems, cultures and life choices. To him, all of it is fascinating and he is eager to learn how different beings see the world and themselves. If I understand him correctly, you are excited about all of this in the same way, and this is where your family bond is strongest.