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Arcturian guide for Holly

This being came through for you as a guide and an example of your Arcturian connection. It's a very feminine energy but I believe the being has no gender. For the sake of communication I will call her "she" though. She is not saying much, but showing me that there is something about sound and healing that they have been showing you / teaching you / reminding you in your dreams. How sound can create and not just heal, how there is what we call sacred geometry involved, and it is all also related to the music of the spheres (representation in the background).

She has warm glow permeating through her which makes her look physical, but while I was working on her a few times I got the information that you can see through her. However, for the sake of clarity I did not depict her half transparent, and also because the light glowing from her was feeling so warm and thick, plasma-looknig, it didn't have that fully non physical effect. So I believe she still has some kind of a body expression, but it is much less physical than what we would consider solid.

Also, her body is taller than a human body but very thin and floaty. That's the best way I can describe it. I can see her standing on the ground of some kind but it's almost as if she's gliding rather than walking. Her energy and movement were very graceful, almost fairy-like.. and I also felt this sense of wonder and magic and playfulness. Where she was, it felt as if she was light as a feather, so it seems like that place is very different to our ideas of a planet and gravity. I am not even sure if it was a planet where I saw her, or some kind of a dimensional realm. Probably both.

Her eyes can take you to the most beautiful places. She can raise your frequency just by using eyes. I had a very psychedelic feeling connecting to this, where I could perceive that realm but nothing made clear sense to my physical brain. However my higher self felt very much at home in that experience.

I am not getting any other information from her, it seems like there is a process that needs to unfold between you and her, and that she will guide you through the steps through synchronicities in your life. Knowing Arcturians, they love doing that and they even do it with guiding people through which videos to watch and materials to read. If you've been getting these kind of synchronicities, know that it is her who is gently helping, along with your higher self.