Human - Grey hybrid child
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Lacrima for Berenice

This is the name I got from her. She has chosen it for many different reasons. The purity and vulnerability it represents, the power of feeling deeply whether it is joy or sorrow, her connection to the human world, and even though she cannot shed tears, she saw them on you and it's the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. It was the most precious gift to her, and she is honoring it by carrying the name.

I did not know this scene was depicting that moment, up until just now when I received her name and the explanation. Now I understand her facial expression better.

She is your hybrid daughter, but at the same time she is your ET counterpart. Meaning she is another version of you. She wishes you to remember this moment of deep connection and recognition, and your allowance to experience it, and to experience her, as a lovable and loving being. Her eyes remind me a lot of deer eyes, and she wanted me to make sure I shared that with you.

She is one of the earlier hybrids, a direct offspring between your DNA and ET DNA. She is the bridge of two worlds and she walks on the very edge of them, being neither here nor there. This special moment depicted here represents your acknowledgement of her as a part of you, as she never really felt she belongs anywhere.

I can't tell how old she is, as the time flows differently in her dimension, but she is not a small child that's for sure, even though she has the purity and curiosity of one. You two together are working with other beings (she is referencing the beings you remember from your experience). She also says that she understands your fears and concerns, but to remember that there is something beautiful happening and that you will start remembering the whole picture, not just the parts that made you feel uncomfortable at the moment. It will all start making sense and you will know how worth it it is. She admires your strength and your courage to delve into this, and she says you haven't lost a child. (I am not sure what she's referring to here).

She is your equal, and you both complement each other, which is why you are such a perfect team working together, as mirror reflections of one another, bridging the two worlds of Humans and Greys, and bridging the two worlds of you and her. As "alien" as she feels in her own surroundings, you feel in yours. You both understand your role and place, and accept that you feel slightly "off", as in always slightly slid towards a parallel reality. But you are both huge presences, very grounded, and have no trouble functioning in either of these realities, because you help one another. She helps you with your "not everyday" experiences as she says, meaning experiences you have that don't quite fit into the mundane paradigm, and you help her with understanding humans and life on Earth, which in turn enables her to work with humans, and other hybrid children. You are also teaching others how to be bridges of two worlds as well.

This made me laugh, as they don't usually address me in third person when I am doing these writings, but she says - "I thank the hechicera for being a bridge for us, and even though she cannot translate everything I could say to you, this is enough to get the ball rolling."