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Krynon for Emi Sodré

Notes for the client:

I am so happy to share this with you. I know these beings! I have connected to them before and they were absolutely fascinating! One of my early works depicts them but back then I did not have the tech and the knowledge of using the program so well, so they look a bit different.

I will link here that old image along with the story so you can connect the dots too.


They look like children but they are not. And these 3 beings that came through for you specifically told me that my whole adventure with their race back then was symbolic, in the best way they could relate to the concepts and the culture we have, to translate the energies. They do have masculine and feminine energies but I think it is mostly energetic rather than physical characteristics. Physically they feel very soft and smooth, like I wrote before from my experience in 2013, their skin feels like dolphin skin.. kind of soft but also firm and rubbery, elastic and almost moist. I first drew them with small ears but it didn't feel right, so I have redone it without ears. They have some sort of orifice where ears would be but it's almost like a dolphin blowhole rather than an ear. It is up to you to feel it out and recognize which one carries male and which one carries female energies. It would seem that they are one of the races created by the Arcturians... just like we were created by various different species. I don't know if they have connections with Sirius like dolphins do.

They are little, maybe 4 foot tall maximum and they all look very much alike from afar, but you can see clear distinctions when you take a good look at their faces. They definitely have individuality so all 3 of them are different "personalities" so to speak, with different roles in their race and different ways of expressing, but they are indeed all connected teleMpathically and can feel each other at any time. Closest I can describe is if you can imagine a combination of Arcturian serenity and love, Sassani wisdom and wit and dolphin playful and curious energies. I am not saying this is what they are, I am just using it as a reference to what I feel from them energetically. Highly intelligent, wise and advanced and yet simple and innocent (not naive).

They definitely do not adhere to duality anymore, they can appreciate and allow all shades of the spectrum in the Universe, but they themselves choose a joyful, open, welcoming friendly expression and approach when engaging reality no matter what it is.

They are here to offer you an invitation to their frequency. They have been around you before, it's not the first introduction. But it's the official one they say and the way they are offering it is very much like my experience. With a royal welcome and a fun twist. Their main message is to pay attention. Pay attention to everything. For example, not all animals are always someone else, but any animal can be, if you look with your true eyes into their essence and presence. This goes for everything, wind, rocks, insects, plants, even man made stuff, tables, computers, houses... you name it! And especially humans and beings of higher densities. When you shift your perception to include this possibility viscerally, not just theoretically, you will be able to walk through that doorway and meet them on common ground.