Taluaa Masuel Cansuta

Pleiadian human hybrid
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Taluaa Masuel Cansuta, Pleiadian hybrid child of Angi

Notes for the client:

Here he is! And what an amazing energy he has too. He showed himself to me at different ages, the older he got the more his ethereal human DNA started to show. At the age he is now, he looks a lot like his father, with human ethereal DNA still dormant as it takes a lot longer to ripen and develop, being more complex and broad in terms of energetic and emotional contrasts. It is only starting to activate for your son.

He was telling me of your emotional turmoils, and how brave you are to embrace transition into wider states of consciousness, including opening yourself up more for better communication with your galactic family. He said that he was with you every step of the way when you were ill, and that this was no accident or something unwanted, but it actually was part of the process of you letting yourself feel more emotions, which in turn unlocks and leads to a higher state of being. Your body needed time to process all that in its own way, and the type of ailment you had was just a vessel for your transformation.

He said that you may be able to channel him once you are completely recovered and integrated. He did not say in which way, or what that might look like but just wanted to share that now it will be easier than ever, because you've allowed this transformation.

Another thing he said was that he loves you and that he is always connecting and sending transmissions of love and light.

His energy felt like a little Buddha, calm, serene, collected and wise. Yet so fresh and full of potential as his essence is unfolding over time.