Ascended Master

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Ascended Master for Rafael

Notes for the client:

His presence is huge. At the start it felt even formidable, as I saw white light shining behind him so much that I could only see his silhouette with bright eyes, engulfed in burning, blinding white light. The only way I could make out some of his features was in negative, like looking at a light source and then having that imprint in detail when you close your eyes. Over time as I was working on the image the light leveled out and his features became visible and bright. I am assuming this had to do with me having to raise my vibration to be able to withstand the energies, but I also feel it has to do with him in particular, perhaps his level of existence which is non physical manifests that way.

This being had incarnations on our planet. I don't know who he was though, but in one of them he was in (ancient) India. However, this consciousness is not Earth bound, it is cosmic. I feel his presence was felt among ancient Vegans as well and their mystery schools. He went through the whole spectrum of intense experiences in the flesh before taking this ascended form. And as you know already, all of that is simply here and now, and this more expanded version of him is connecting with you through this portrait.

He has profound occult knowledge, as well as that of higher mathematics, sacred geometry and alchemy. He experienced both profane and enlightened versions of those and now all of that blended together into knowingness of cosmos and the soul flowing through him with great power and unconditional love, like purifying fire.

He is with you and aiding you to find clarity and sharpness in times of confusion, reminding you to always run your mind through your heart for a good "rinse". That was a joke from him, he smirked in a very charming way.

I wasn't able to get his name, or the name of this consciousness. It might be a present for you to open.