Lyran Ancestor
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Lyran ancestral wisdom - Danica (for Daniela)

Notes for the client:

She is a version of you within our Lyran galactic family. She comes from a long lineage of humanoid beings, of all shapes and sizes, from whom we inherited our physicality and core lessons of evolution. There is a strong archetypal connection here to energies of Venus, Libra and Justice/Adjustment Tarot card. Her name even means morning star or Venus in different languages.

Danica is bringing through the concept of balance, in many different ways and layers. As a galactic lesson, it relates to the polarity we are experiencing on our planet at this time, and each of us within. Some of the examples are polarity between fear of change, and forcing change by any means necessary. Between perspectives of right and wrong, good and evil in our own philosophy. That is not to say she is bringing through the right way of thinking about it, or going about it, but a softer, more pleasant, present and holistic way. Where there is a whole spectrum between polarities that connects them together. An insight into all the shades and degrees, so that decisions can be made with clarity, and actions are backed up with this clarity. She speaks of releasing attachments to the old ways of thinking, but also to the new desires and ideas of how things should be. Of balancing the conscious focused mind with the broader intelligence of life and nature. Of thinking ahead and taking into consideration all the elements before we act impulsively. And of centering it all in our hearts and higher hearts that connect us all together.

There is a sense of renewed belonging that she is bringing. Finding your place in the universe in a fresh and vibrant way, flowing into it gracefully rather than pushing and making room ahead of it. It pertains to all of us, of course, and the balancing act we are learning at this time in our world. Softening the edges, soothing the passions and convictions into a more emotionally stable and mentally sound organic movement of energies. It does not mean reducing or suppressing any side or perspective, but infusing it fully with consciousness and presence so that it may be revealed how connected everything is. The points of disconnection are simply missing links that we are yet to see and acknowledge.

This is the wisdom and the insight she brings. To reveal the connective tissue of our universal organism so that all elements can be a bit more aware of the abundance of harmony under which it all functions.