Sassani Lady

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Sassani Lady for Yulan

Notes for the client:

She came through like a dream, or let's say from within a dream realm. She felt like a spirit at first, but not really. Definitely "among the living".

She is about 5 feet tall, pretty slender and whispy. This is why she felt like a spirit, so light and bright. But when I received that she is of the Sassani, it made sense why. They have access to both of these realms we think of as separate.

In case you are not familiar, Sassani are a race Bashar belongs to, who is a being channeled by Darryl Anka.

She almost looks like a young girl, but she is old by our standards. I am getting a motherly feeling from her, but I can't claim she is your late mother's counterpart even though there is a connection. What I believe to be more true, is that she is your counterpart, or future self so to speak, and she wants to show you that to them, those who cross over are still around. And for us it will also become obvious, as it already is for many people on our planet. The Sassani are in fact "in between" already themselves, because they woke up from the dream.

I sense so much heart based open feminine energies in her and emanating from her. Gentle, delicate and warm. Very eager and excited to connect with you but also very silent and endlessly patient. She reminds me of some Anime characters, when they present benevolent and powerful spirits.

"From my heart to yours,
a bridge grows.
Branches of a vine.
We flow back and forth.
Flowers bloom as we water the path,
Seeds are planted
with each step."

This came through almost like a song, repeating over and over while strengthening the connection. It feels like it's a translation from some unknown language to me, and it was supposed to rhyme in that language. Anyways, it feels much more profound than it sounds and I feel like I didn't do a good job translating it to English. Almost like old songs women used to sing when they work the crops in the fields. Felt like that kind of incantation. Perhaps you will receive a clearer version of it, or maybe a melody. Anyways, that is the only direct message I received from her. You can play with it and see all the ways it can help the connection

I didn't get a name for her directly, but Geneva and Juniper felt resonant (both names mean the same), like something you can use to help you pinpoint her energy.