Ascended Masters

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Diana's Guides

Notes for the client:

First came the female energy. I kept feeling -principal guide-, in a sense that she is the proactive energy out of three that showed up. The feel of it was like a skillful mother but on an Ascended Master level. Loving, direct clarity. Constantly beaming and reminding you who you truly are. Feels very human and relatable, in a sense that I can feel her presence as if there was another flesh and bone person with me in the room. At the same time, the energy was so vast it felt I was faced with a celestial parent. She's the one who "jumps in" with guidance when you believe you are stuck or confused. I am getting that you will be able to see certain patterns and recognize when she's assisting in particular situations and the way it comes through for you.

So much light and love that there was no room for a shred of doubt about what these beings are embodying.

Male energy on the left felt very archetypal. I was shown different representations in Earth's timelines, including that of Jesus, Shiva, and many other ones I was not familiar with to recognize but carried the same core. It is hard to explain this energy as some of these realizations are new to me as well, but I will try."Casting all your care on him; for he cares for you." This is the experience I had, this energy was inviting me to surrender my burdens to it in the most loving supportive way. I keep saying energy because these are not people. They are massive consciousnesses that are woven into our very existence as humans, braided through with golden threads and accessible to everyone easily. They are our bigger nature, our higher self, our beacon of light within and the doorway to higher realms. They are here to be of service. And that is the main difference I perceive compared to ETs. There is no difference of course in terms of value only expression. ETs have their own timelines and experiences and path of growth as individuals or civilization or a collective consciousness, the Ascended Master energy IS service itself. An underlying framework and support of the very existence. This is anyways how I perceived it, as I never really connected to this part of myself since I started doing artwork. And it came at a perfect timing. Beautiful Beyond Words.

These particular two energies have given themselves to you and your path as you are braided in the same way. I see golden threads again, interlacing, yours indistinguishable from theirs, creating a blueprint canvas on which you are painting your life.

The third one blew me away, if that was even possible after this. It is one of the Archangels. I am not well familiar with names and distinctions between them so I couldn't pinpoint which one. This is all very new for me, you see But his energy and presence felt very familiar, and he was connecting further to some of the Ascended ET collectives. Much more neutral and less condensed into a particular flavor. The immensity of this presence felt like there was nothing else in existence BUT him. Like I was enveloped along with 2 other guides in a whole reality that was him, by his energetic wings. Required a lot of surrendering of the mind, a profound spiritual experience that unlocks the heart.

I was still asking about the looks, and how come they were using our mythological symbolism and faces to represent themselves to me, and was it my own filters that were doing this. The explanation I got from all three was simple and surprising. "It works." Just like we remember familiar fragrances from childhood that bring up all kinds of emotions we had forgotten at times, archetypal imagery is the fragrance, but the fragrance is not the destination nor the journey. It's a key.

The symbols in the circle are not specific by the way. More like a representation of codes of light emanating from the energy field.