Future Human

Future hybridized human from Earth
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Hybrid counterpart of Lavinia

Notes for the client:

I am writing this as I am getting it from her. She's upstream from you. Future hybridized human. The way they live is paradise on the planet. She is saying that she is not one of those 5 races that combined with Greys. This is later, much later. This is in humanity's distant future still. She wishes you to know and remember how important this bridge is. Many points are along that bridge, with many galactic connections that are helping humans. However, she is at the other end. She can show you that timeline and you can bring back the energy here, ground it here, milk it and emanate it here. Now.

At first she showed herself to me like in The Birth of Venus painting. Really paradise-like imagery. I saw full figure, beautiful female body (definitely not androgynous looking). Smaller and more fragile/gentle looking though. Hair was the color of the hair albinos have.

***Ok so, something interesting is coming through. Take this with a bucket of salt but I have to share it anyway. She (I think) says she is from a different timeline than the Anshar. She says there is a timeline where humans progress much faster than in the Anshar timeline. Not all humans will experience this timeline but many will. It is important for her to make sure we understand that this is also an option and that all options are valid. I asked her why is that timeline progressing faster and she said it has to do with hybrid program and a number of us who volunteered in the creation of that timeline, through our lineage and DNA both physical and ethereal. Like I said, take this with a bucket of salt as I am not 100% sure about the info, but sharing it anyway because I've learned that when I do - good things happen. ***

Your connection to her? Well.. it's a bit complicated but she is your future self, and at the same time your grandgrandgrandgrand............daughter. Way upstream into the future. So basically, you are going to be your own future family.

Another interesting thing, her name is Lavinia, like yours :)