Commander Kayus

Arcturian guide
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Commander Kayus for Juanita

His message for the client:


You know this.
You KNOW.. this.
Remember all the times you felt insecure?
But you were really not.
All it was, was jagged feedback.
Voices echoing from others, reflecting back your confusion.
Look at me.
Soften your sharp hearing. Not everyone's voice counts.
There is no counting.
Only one voice matters - booming from each vertebrae. From the heart. From the cerebellum.
Coordinate according to this. No compromises.
Upright and glorious. Walk into and with your unity with the cosmos.
Barefoot and divine.
Beautiful being. I love you forever."

He was not letting me write anything else that would diminish the impact of this. I can only say - yes he is your Arcturian connection. It seems to me that he might be commanding one of the Arcturian light motherships that are placed above our poles to maintain the grid and stabilize the energies, weather, etc. I knew about these motherships from my own connections, haven't really heard other people talk about them. Since they are lightships they are quite above the "paygrade" of many of our insiders and contactees. I mean that in a sense of higher density, non-perceivable to people who are still mired in duality. Just like this being. Commander is not commanding any kind of army or fleet. It's not like that. I would say it's more like commander of manifestation and codes if anything. And of course, the ship and its consciousness.

So yeah, this is all coming from me, he doesn't seem to negate it nor confirm it. He is very adamant about the message and that this is most important.