Blue Arcturian Priestess

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Blue Arcturian Priestess for Jocelyn Daher

She is showing me many different lifestreams at crucial points in their civilization. There is something huge happening for you and many of your other incarnations simultaneously. From need to control to absolute surrender, from the deepest friction of light and dark to a complete reversal and integration, from fear of change and the unknown to completely giving yourself to the universal flow.

I believe she is showing me this, because you are utilizing all these lessons from ancient ET lifetimes that are coming into play and converging right now, for your expression and assistance here on Earth. She is saying that all these lifetimes are both yours and hers, as you are one and the same.

You are connecting to so many, but she's the one who came through and I understand why. You are literally embodying and integrating her energy along with your higher self. She knows what absolute surrender is, but she also knows how to ground and resolve the paradox of the flesh and spirit. She says that your intense emotions are not a threat to you or anyone else, providing you remain aware and attentive as to whether they are coming from the highest intention or an unconscious impulse.

She's hinting that you are basically shifting to another level of consciousness and that she's here to support, love, assist, just be, as this might be a huge change for you and might bring up some fears.

This is why you're here. To facilitate transition, but not just of the world, of yourself as well, as you are equally eager to dive into this worldly experience as to stay neutral and assist as a teacher. But don't worry, you are expert in these types of changes. You actually love them, your essence sings when you can have these experiences. You've done it so many times and it's always new and exciting, and requiring a fair amount of bravery. You know exactly what you're doing and she says it would be beneficial for you if you can remind yourself of that when you dive in too deep.

A mother lioness hunts in front of her cubs many times over, showing them how it's done. Sometimes she gets hurt in the process, and that is essential part of the lesson as well. One cannot fake this, or tell stories about it. One has to do it. And so, this is how you do it here, or one way of how you do it here. You become a mother lioness and dive in completely and absolutely, to the point where you can even forget everything you know so far, and then emerge out over and over. That is how deep you can go and deeper. This is why it is so easy for others to relate to you and understand you and consciously or not, learn from you very quickly.

However, there is always a strong golden violet shimmering thread, connecting you to this Arcturian being, who has clear memories of all these other lifetimes (and her own) and their personal and collective transformations that you can always tap into. She's jokingly saying this incarnation is like a 1 week job for you, compared to how many there are in other places going through their own shifts. And that because you're transforming "here", she is also transforming "there".

Then she is showing me this infinite golden thread grid.. stretching to all sides as far as the eye can see, like a giant spider web in space (I've seen it before from my Arcturian guides). It's some kind of a consciousness grid, where if one thread vibrates they all start moving along. I think this is her explanation of "here" and "there". So just as you are assisting all of your other aspects in their shifts, they are literally all available and equal to you as well.

P.S. There are 17 different species of Arcturians around (and within) that star. They are different densities and some of them are non physical, but all of them connect to the Arcturian collective that exists in higher dimensions and is guiding and assisting mankind and other species. These particular ones are physical (at the end of 4th density I believe), about 3, 3.5 feet tall and they have 3 fingers. You can find another one of their kind in a portrait I have done for Kalina Angell in the last year's album on here.

Something important I'd like to point out is the sky. Not sure if it is visible in the picture as Facebook reduces the quality, but you can see the stars even during daylight at that place (daylight is pretty much like shimmering pink twilight).