Human - Grey hybrid
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Soto for Maggie

This little guy is so childlike yet ancient and wise. He's some kind of a grey hybrid for sure, but I don't know the specifics, I just know his energy is very much like an ascended master. He's spreading his arms for a welcoming hug of reunion, and also for an invitation to join him in his perspective of seeing life as a holiday and all of us as joyful exploring tourists.

I laughed at the shirt because it reminded me of our dear Bashar and Darryl Anka, but he doesn't seem to have direct connections to them (but don't take my word for it as the energy felt similar), aside from a very light and joyful approach to existence. He picked to be depicted in these clothes to help you see how there is nothing serious about life. He also had shorts and sandals on lol

He's telling you how there is a haven for you here, and you are carrying it within you. That's where he is as well, and where you can meet him and talk with him about anything your heart desires. This is a very heart based being, but not naive. More like a grandpa that enjoys life and owns it, milking every moment of it to the fullest. Very playful and light as a feather, sharp witted and heartwarming.

I had this big grin while working on him the whole time, I just couldn't help but align with his contagious little smile and a sparkle in the eye.

His connection to you I am perceiving as a very close and dear lifetimes long friend. I am not getting many details about it though, it feels like he wishes me not to unwrap your gifts, and that he would be happier if you rediscover your connection together. He says it's not in the words, it's in the heart, and the picture says more about the heart than words ever could.

The name Soto is what I got from him, as something you can use to focus your energy into contacting him. I am pretty sure he picked it only for you, almost as a dial number frequency, rather than an actual name.