Blue Sirian

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Sirian future self of Jeff

Notes for the client:

This is your Sirian connection. This being is a representative of a collective that feels like Overseers or some kind of a council connected to the frequency of the Sirius system of stars.

I feel like this particular collective is like a galactic energetic crossroads, and that they connect many different civilizations and expressions. Cetacean (especially whales), Human, Arcturian, Sassani and others. One of the major consciousness hubs so to speak in an ethereal network that we are yet to experience and know. One that is relevant to us as humans. They are present both in our civilization's past and our future. This being is coming from that future expression and is also representing one of your future Selves.

His energy feels like connecting to Higher Mind. Pure, sharp, clear. Very broad scope. High vantage point. Third eye chakra vibrations. I am also feeling a vibration that my brain is translating into breath. Calming, loud, slow breath, like that of a diver floating deep underwater. But that is not to say that these beings are aquatic. It's just the feeling of his vibration. Feels like floating out of body, seeing and feeling in all directions, very present and sharp. Filling up the space.

I see him giving you something, but I cannot see what it is. It's right outside of my field of vision. I can only see his outstretched arm. It is an invitation for contact, yes, but it is also a gift of some kind, as he is holding something in his hand. It all feels very regal and ceremonial. A great honor for him to have an opportunity to offer you this gift.

His skin is perfectly smooth, it's not made of the same substance our bodies are. More like dolphins. Soft and sensitive, velvety. And his eyes have gentle movement in them, like a solar corona, around his pupils.

This is a very unique experience as I feel that translating any words from him would ruin this sacred moment suspended in time, so I cannot bring any specific messages through other than try to describe to the best of my ability how communion with this being feels, like I have done just now. No names for this being have come through either. But know that this is your kin, an expression of your essence as you are expression of his.