Hybrid Elder

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Galactic connection for Lynn

Notes for the client:

I am not getting any names from her. She is a part of the council of elders. I feel like this race / group / civilization is very close to us genetically. They feel more similar to the indigenous people of Earth, but they very much feel familiar and not so "alien" at all. However they don't experience disconnection like humans do, and as such they have access to all of the levels of their soul's expression and expansion. Because of this, they also live a lot longer than us.

From what I am interpreting, and I might be wrong on this, their council of elders only contains individuals who have offspring. I don't know if the council is for a specific purpose or what it does though. It all feels very wobbly. Like I am accessing both past and future in this Now moment of connection with her. So there is nothing I can put my finger on it's all evolving and shifting and growing. One moment it's something and the next something else while at the same time it is all One and interwoven with your journey here.

She also has a "grandmother" energy, and she might be connected to someone older who transitioned and was very dear to you. People who crossed over are often seen on light ships, so this is not that strange, although it is the first time I felt it myself in a reading. I feel like she and that person are one and the same essence, counterparts or past/future selves of each other. And in a sense, they are your spirit guide.

Very warm and loving energy, but at the same time piercing sharp insight. I feel like she's peering into my soul and I can tell she sees everything. It doesn't feel awkward or like she has some kind of powers beyond our reach. It feels like the intensity of her insight is related to her vast experience, and the way they live every moment to the fullest they have amazing experiences all the time. This sacredness translates to the power of her insight.