The Spin

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Galactic connection for Justin

Notes for the client:

I did not receive any tangible information on who or what this consciousness is. You will understand when you read the message, I hope. I believe they find it of no importance or of much lower importance than what they have to share.

"We are not the thing that's spinning. We are the spin."

This is a download I received, and it feels so profound. When they say we, they mean us, you, them, the existence. Particles, beings, planets, stars, galaxies, and the unknown. The vibration, the frequency that molds and grows and wears life - we are not even that. We are movers of that frequency. The spin. I see the light swirling. Looks like plasma, but also like a swarm of glowing golden orbs moving together. We are not even light. We are what moves it.

It is getting deeper and deeper, the understanding. Just when I think I figured out the message so I can translate it, I can sink in further. But only if I let go and stop reaching for anything that is beyond. A paradox.

An interesting experience of implosion into this message. A withdrawal of attention back into itself, and then the peculiar but invigorating feeling of being turned inside out. Being turned into "empty space" so to speak, surrounding the body, or the cosmos. But even that metaphor is just a sensation I can relate to. I can tell they are not speaking of any kind of space, empty or occupied. Just the spin, swirling the canvas in and out of tangible existence.