Children of the Ethers

Sirius guides
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Sirius guides of Honovi Strongdeer

They are incorporeal (like the background lights and orbs), but have chosen to come through this way, one out of many (and many as one), as a representative of their collective.

Channeled message for the client:

"We are. The sound and the breath. Sunlight reflected off of dew droplets. We breathe into the substructures of your being the universal love. Endless whispers. Gentle ripples. The stars that glow within you. Shimmering against the blackness of the rich black sky fertile with powers of creation. Aya pa kuu, iiianan. Children of the ethers. Stewards of the blue ray and the song of healing.

Gift of being, of being a sentient being.. is a gift of God. It can be no other way. You are One Love hugging itself into bloom. You are worthy of that gift. All of you. All parts of you. All layers of you. Cherished and acknowledged.

Breathe out. Let out that sigh of relief that you have kept within so long. Allow yourself to be the instrument of love, played by the cosmic intelligence that has woven your most delicate structures. Take part in the magnificence that is you. We are here with you.

Dive deep into yourself and find the starlight. The power source of your existence that you can connect to always. Discover who you are. You matter. You radiate. Your indestructible core is your anchor and guiding star. Trust yourself. Meet yourself. Embrace yourself. Shape upon shape upon shape, through the structures of all that you are. Deeper and deeper. Further and further.

Your field reaches galaxies. Be the steward of it. The gardener. Breathe out your resistance and your burdens, let your universe hold you in its spiral arms and transmute it. Lean back into the warm healing water of its liquid light embrace. This love, is you."