Mirror of Your Soul

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Mirror of your soul - for Monica

Notes for the client:

She is so beautiful I can hardly find words. I will try to translate what I am feeling from her. She feels like your counterpart and higher self at the same time. A wise being full of love that is assisting you every step of the way. You could say your future self too. However, I am getting a mix of races, civilizations, lessons and journeys in her. Definitely a future hybrid energy. Yet - Human. One that has transcended all fears by going through them and facing and integrating them. One that has transcended insecurities by self observation and transformed her perspective into seeing beauty in everything. One that stands in her light and integrity, impeccable and gentle with her love and words. Not because she remained pure in spite of the churning world, but because she has seen and felt so much.

She is mirroring your true nature without judgment, without needing you to change, without seeing anything as out of place. Because you are the change itself, there can be no other way. She beckons you to take a peek at yourself through her eyes. Unwavering support paired with endless love and appreciation.

She sees your core, and everything around it. And loves it equally. All that you have chosen to be, go through, become.. she reflects it with beauty and grace. She is you, with all your codes activated, all the ancient DNA integrated, all the experiences appreciated and loved. Your progeny far into the future, and your ancestor from distant past. It's all blended together.

She wishes you to see how important you are, how all of us are priceless, perfect and yet, becoming. We are short sighted most of the time, and we do not see what unfolds beyond our lifetimes, but it is not linear anymore.

We can access this, and we can tune up to be this, more and more, by simply living our lives fully, without self judgment, with more and more love for our experience and ourselves. It all has a place and a time. We are the perfection we long for, and that perfection is the journey. We are the journey. You are the path.

All the tears in the dark, and scared inner children, all the stumbling and falling, it all serves. Every heartache breaks our heart open even more. It activates our codes one by one, remembrance of lessons long learned, through Lyran ancestors, through Reptilian ancestors, through hybrid nations and Pleiadian guides.

It is all being played out right now, on an accelerated path, that we see as being so slow, so slow.. because we did not dare to look further than our circumstances and see the splendor we are becoming and embodying with every breath.

She wishes you to know that you are always supported, always loved, always perfect and growing. That you are doing OK, that everything is beautiful and divine. And that when moments of suffering arrive, doors open up for transformation.

They will never stop opening for you, for all of us. As long as we walk the path that we are with integrity, with open eyes, willing to see ourselves clearly, and with courage to face the unknown within despite our fears. Things we may not want to look at. She sees them as most beautiful treasures while she holds your hand as you explore those caves of the unconscious.

You are a brave soul, and dedicated to truth and light. This is what she's mirroring to you. The truth. That all that you are is divine. True mastery of love and light, the mirror of your soul, contains everything and is immovable by any ripples in the pond of the unconscious. It permeates them with light, infuses them with love, but it doesn't judge them or deem them unworthy.

You can always access this, because it is you. The golden lake of universal essence from which all blooms into being.