Galactic Connection

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Galactic connection for Nathaniel (& message to humanity)


"The benefactor of this conduit expressed an intentionaity towards good for all. We are answering this calling at this time as a resonant field has been established. The artist is having challenges in translating our energy because it doesn't feel like anything before. But we come to speak to you of the Other Side.

Imagine a mother cell dividing itself for the first time. Now imagine a Galaxy doing the same. The wholeness comes from the other side too. Holographic division. From any side there is a wholeness because wholeness is what is being reflected as the only quality of Creation.

Pieces of mirror still reflect the whole image of someone standing in front of them. They don't reflect a separate cheekbone or a kneecap, and they needn't be assembled to understand the whole picture. Separation is perceived so that Oneness can be self evident. Literally.

When we say Other Side, it means side that is perceived as something Other than Self. What goes under that label is whatever you put under it. "Other Side" is a carefully crafted framework that ensures Oneness becoming self evident by using caricatures and archetypes.

The framework is functioning by the principle of amplification and filtering. You understand that these are all metaphors and that we are talking about highly complex structures of consciousness and pathways of it. But for now it serves to share about it in this way, so that your presence with this topic can activate a different type of perspective, one we don't insist on, but are offering it as yet another angle to add to your scope.

The framework itself serves as an attractor of attention, so to speak. It creates a caricature representation of an archetype you are wishing to attune with, by inverting it to opposites. (*Isolde, my guide, adds in her heckling style: 'kind of like a bling to a crow' ...there was a moment of silence as if these beings were bewildered that she interrupted them, but then I realized the energy required a readjustment from my side as I was getting communication from two sources lol*).

Continuing the channeling:

Your soul then magnetizes to this image, behind which lies the doorway to certain integration and subsequently - growth of consciousness. This is how the universe ensures its evolution.

We speak of the Other Side because you are standing at the door now, as a race, frozen in fear afraid to open it. The hall of funny mirrors has made your heads a bit dizzy and you are not quite sure what awaits on the other side of that door, but you will quickly learn as individuals are slowly stepping into this scary unknown, that whatever door you are standing in front of, was the door that is the key to your next step.

One by one, halves are turning into wholes, with tremendous relief and allowance. Humanity IS going through that door collectively, and it seems like a gigantic step, but it is just one out of many on your journey as a species.

Rushing through the doors is not advised, as with any steps it is best to let them unfold in front of you fully, so that you can get what you need from them before you move on. Follow your rhythm. It pulses along with the planet, the Sol system and even the galaxy. Obviously, the existence itself. You don't have to, but have in mind that like with music, silence between notes is as valuable as the notes.

And so, the Other Side is as integral part of your movement through and as consciousness, as is your attention resting place. At one point you will know you are both at the same time. That is the first, and the last separation. Because from that realization on, nothing is seen as separation anymore. The idea itself becomes something else entirely. Something fractal which cannot be divided but is always multiplying.

That is our perspective. This is how we see Creation. We are honored to present this aspect of Oneness to you, and we are grateful for the opportunity created by the benefactor and the artist to express in this way."

Notes for the client:

Now I have to say that these beings were very polite. They've let me take my time to receive the message, they have patiently been waiting for me to take breaks, make coffee, do other things and then return back to writing this. I like them a lot, even though it took me a while to perceive their specific vibe out of what seemed like a field of noise. Very subtle and unobtrusive, but once honed in very distinct.

It almost felt like I had to look at tiny areas without noise, in between them, and could only sense them first by their contrasting lack of noise. And I don't mean that in a way where I am hearing a lot of voices and receiving a lot of communication. When I say noise it almost feels like scanning for gamma rays or some other cosmic rays that are always making noise, to find the silence. Tracing them by looking at shadows their energy makes rather than the beings themselves. Shadows again, not meant in a negative context, more of an optical metaphor.

The framework that they are using to connect to you is of a specific resonance which has to do with the doorway they were talking about. The doorway to knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are always connected, to knowing that the paradox of "best way out is always through" is real, and to knowing that you are standing at a door that commences a whole new cycle of doors.

You are a bridge to this information and part of the human journey right now as you are going through it yourself, which makes you a bridge and a conduit for information and energy these beings wish to offer, and also a reflection of that knowledge to the rest of humanity, as collectively it is on the same journey.

As always, don't get hung up on details and take only what resonates I love their perspective of looking at that cosmic weave of Creation, and it is also represented in the symbolism on the artwork itself.