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Chili for Leticia

Yes, Chili. Like green chili pepper. So cute! She is around the same age as L. and she sees in her her idol and a teacher. She literally follows her everywhere and tries to mimic her gestures, movement, attitudes etc. Like a little monkey lol.. Chili is a reptilian human hybrid. A sister to L. of sorts. She absolutely adores L. and is almost like a little pet, no offense meant. She is not offended by the way, she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, unlike most reptilians. Very openhearted and genuinely curious.

She's trying to learn how to human haha. She is very interested in us, and L. is her guide. She is also willing to show her reptilian ways, but she wasn't taught those. She was raised as a hybrid away from the more primal reptilian energies. There is a sweet innocence in her, and also a quest to find out who and what exactly she is. The reptilian part of her family is benevolent, and also hybrid (not related to Draco genetics), and their race's energies remind me a lot of the Yits (TReb is a reptilian hybrid from that race, channeled by Rob Gauthier). Only Chili is even more human than that.

She could well fall into category of hybrid children, but she is not L.'s child. Like I said, more like a sister. She's also very protective of her L, and it seems like the colors of her scales and eyes change if she gets upset. They flare up. It's actually quite adorable.
There are no words coming from her, I am not getting anything. She seems very physical, and likes to mime and uses gestures to communicate. That doesn't mean she is not telepathic, she is, but when it comes to us humans, this is how she chooses to express. It seems she's learning our language, but not a spoken one. Body language. It makes it easier for her because her emotions show in her scale and eye colors like I said before too.

She is not big as most reptilians. Slender and limber, like a tiny lizard scurrying between the rocks. She is about 5 feet tall, perhaps a bit less at this age. But she loves to walk on all fours too, and loves to rock climb, and bask in the sun.

She observes L. with great curiosity, whether it is about washing the dishes, brushing teeth, or doing something we would define as more profound. Every little detail interests her and she wants to be able to mimic it all and understand it. The humorous bit is that she doesn't understand most of it yet, but she tries to mime it none the less. :)

I feel she is very excited about actually coming to Earth physically in an open contact way. Some day. It's almost like a Little Mermaid wanting to have feet and live on the land. It is her greatest excitement. But of course she is not desperate about it, she knows about perfect timing and that all will be perfect as it already is.