Thoth’s children

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Thoth hybrid children for Blanca

They both appeared as young teenagers to me. I believe both of them are around age 13 in these depictions. Brimming with expansion and growth and their powers being developed almost fully.
They also represent aspects of you. Your son is like the Buddha. Your daughter on the other hand is more like Bodhisattva.
"A Buddha is an individual who has achieved Enlightenment and is free from the six realms of reincarnation, such as the Sakyamuni Buddha or the Amitabha Buddha.

A Bodhisattva is a person who has achieved Enlightenment or Buddhahood, but has vowed to return to the samsara world to aid all sentient beings on their paths to Buddhahood. The Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, is the quintessential Bodhisattva."

Your son is also much like Thoth, focused in wisdom and knowledge. He beams serenity and calmness, and he also has some connections to Metatron teachings, which is why he wanted me to depict him with those symbols on his chest. Teachings of being in the center, eye of the storm, peaceful core of our inner Soul. He can always show you clarity and detachment from any emotion or issue. His steps are light, and his touch upon the world is barely noticeable. He is almost like a spring breeze. Like a sigh of relief. You can't tell he was there but you know you have been blessed and it becomes that much easier to connect to the Source.

Your daughter is more like a keeper of that knowledge on Earth (again similar to Thoth), and also very grounded in her power. Her incarnations (and she keeps choosing to incarnate here) are all very intensely oriented towards assisting humanity, but not in a matryr way. She is consciously in service to others, compassionate and strong, and she has a very penetrating energy. She can tap into people's most hidden shadows and she understands what they are and how to dissolve them. Connecting to her I sensed that one has to deserve to learn from her in a way. It's not about being worthy or not, it's about how much one is serious and dedicated to self growth. She does not tolerate idle curiosities. I am also getting that you have been her daughter in some lives. She is showing me motherly energy.

It's so wonderful to have such a perfect balance between these two children!