Triangle head being

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Triangle Head being for Megan Homan

I was playing with the shape for a few days, because this time I couldn't actually see (it happens sometimes). When that happens I let them guide me and I basically work blind. Now I finally got a "yes" for a direction I took and when I moulded it... it's a Triangle head being! I Such a powerful realization that what I am working on and looking at is one of them. TOTALLY unexpected. I was moved to tears when I realized.

I wasn't getting particular information from it, but what happened instead was almost like a mind meld. Strong reverberation and feedback, almost as if I was looking at the One in the shape of this being, but also in the shape of myself, reflecting back.. as golden light.

This being feels so advanced, so connected, so centered that it really didn't share anything. It is as if there is no need to exchange information, everything is perfect, everything is in harmony, flux and flow. The only communication I experienced is this "beingness" in the present moment and direct connection with it, that seemed to amplify my ability to feel love, bliss and oneness a lot.

The reason there are bubbles in the picture is that they are also representing Sphere Beings. Each of the beings IS a reality unto itself.

All the rays present, all the densities, all that is. And also space between realities.. resting space, alignment place. The Vortex as Abraham Hicks would call it, from which everything blooms into creation.

I wish I can get something more out of this being but it exudes such perfection and bliss that the words are simply only taking away from it. I hope that I managed to translate that into this piece, so that you can feel it too when you look at it. ________________________

Everyone, please note that my artwork is my own interpretation of energies and is not meant in any way to represent exact physical depiction. So please don't compare my private work with the actual sketches of these beings that are made according to Corey's descriptions. Thank you :)