Cosmic Guide

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Galactic Guide of Chris

Notes for the client:

I asked for assistance that will help you overcome the challenges you were facing. One of your guides stepped forward, and they were very clear and direct in their message. Thymus chakra (Higher Heart or the seat of the soul as it's been called). They are sending activation codes and healing to you, and anyone who wishes to receive.

During this time on the planet we are all faced with difficulties in some shape or form relating to what thymus chakra represents. Feeling connected to our soul and the Creator, and being able to freely circulate that presence through us and from us to others has been harder than before for most people, including myself.

Your guide has shown up to remind you of who you really are. Research everything you can about this chakra, it will become clear what you need to do and why. Their message is that there is no greater mission for us than to be the vessel and conductor of this life force. And no greater healing for us at the same time.

The interesting part about this energy center is that it's connected to the immune system, but I will leave that to you to look up and examine. From what I received from your guide, we all need this at this time on our planet.