Crystalline Beings

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Crystalline beings for Linda

Notes for the client:

First I have to say, I've never made anything like this, and I don't even know how I did it! This consciousness.. these crystalline beings.. they appeared like through some space-time distortion. I could clearly see the refraction. As if I could see them all stacked in one place but with different angles you would get a different picture. Like those old postcards that had 2 slightly different pictures and it would look like the image was moving when you would change the angles and see different frames in it. Well, this is how these beings were appearing, while at the same time I could see them in different times too, so they would look slightly doubled, phased out. I hope I managed to convey that, because they don't have 4 arms, it's just that phasing effect that would show their movements in different time frames.

Now the wings, that was a major download from them. They are not wings, they are the inside of the toroidal shape that their energy is generating. So to us it might look like butterfly wings, but it's just a visible portion of the torus. The diamond shape is important too, it seems to be some kind of merkaba, but it's not shaped as we know it. It's an octahedron, the 2 pyramids are not blended together like in merkaba, but bottom to bottom. It was definitely spinning though. It made me think that the crystalline beings have different energy structures from us, and I also remembered fluorite octahedrons that occur naturally. Ah, they are conveying to me that getting one of those fluorite octahedrons would be a beneficial tool for you, not just to use in communication with them, but to also examine its crystal properties (scientific ones) and the fact that they exhibit thermoluminescence, and fluorescence under ultraviolet light. There are some dots there for you to connect from what I am getting.

They don't really have any facial features, except for the beautiful eyes that were glowing with stars within. The crystalline shapes you see on the image are just the inside features of their semi-transparent body rather than nose or mouth. The skull shape is somewhat cuttlefish-like. Elongated with thinner rim around the sides, just like cuttlefish have fins around their body. Just not as flat. And yes these beings definitely feel very tall.

I am not getting anything else in particular from this energy, nothing that is in a form of a message or statement. They seem to communicate in an entirely different way, by sheer existence they continuously emanate information, but it's not the kind of information that can be put into words or even classic thoughts. Sound would convey it better. I am hearing gentle sounds very similar to mark tree, and at the same time a lower pitched tone that reminds me of a big crystal singing bowl sound. All of that with a lot of reverberation, it sounds vast. It definitely also sounds like some kind of a transmission. I believe that you might be clairaudient enough (definitely more than me) to tune into this, and it will help you with certain activations of your DNA by teaching you a completely different form of communication.

P.S. Slightly altered image of the Butterfly Nebula is used here, courtesy of NASA / Hubble