Sirius connection

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Sirius connection for Laurence

Notes for the client:

Anjali mudra. Ancient days on Earth. Sirius teacher energy. She is one of the way-showers.

There is an aquatic connection. I first saw the image underwater, but she is not an aquatic being. It was the water symbology. The feminine.

Cetacean resonance is strong.

There are two distinct energies that are both coming through for you now, to be blended, integrated into your new self expression. They are already being presented to you from various facets of your soul's lifestreams. A deep drive to be of service, along with a danger of self sacrifice or passivity if it gets out of balance. That's where the Cetacean energies come though to remind you to live in the moment and play more, and be less sombre about your role here. You are carrying so much wisdom from your ancestors and your cosmic lineage, all converging in this particular moment, in this lifetime, to be expressed fully. Balancing between your natural desire for service, sense of responsibility and playfulness about life and oneself while living in the moment brings about the leadership quality in you that might be new or even scary.

She wants to help you, to remind you about knowing yourself fully.

"Do not worry about the next step, even as you know you are going through a transformation that will bring about so much more of your presence out to the world. Do not be afraid of your own power as it comes up to be expressed. It will be organic. Remain in integrity. Mudra will help you. Hands in the praying position help balance what needs to be balanced. There is no need to hold yourself back anymore or worry about abusing your innate powers. Simply take time every time you feel you need an adjustment and remain with the mudra and the breath. Imagine me doing the same thing at the same time and we can amplify it through parallels. When you fully accept your immensity, we will be able to look at each other's eyes without flinching. We are already aligned in heart, but in mind there's still slight dissonance. And it is related to your sense of self worth. Revisit this idea from all possible angles. Embody all of them, allow all of them, and then they will fall away naturally and only your truth will remain. Our truth. Our soul's essence, carried on the wings of a Crane. Sacred incarnations. Sacred moment. Sacred connection. Then, I will turn my head and look at you, and we will Know Oneness together."

I couldn't get her name right on several tries, but it definitely has Asian frequencies / sounds to it. More so Mandarin perhaps, than Sanskrit or Japanese. Gentle sounds.