Daar Ghir

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"Many species want to evolve away from the home planet. We evolve our home planet instead. Assist the being that is the planet. Assist the sacred elements that are different skins of our planet. The planet lives through us. I am the Daar. One with the wind. I engineer, I create, I extrapolate from Daaru."
(Daaru seems like a word for atmosphere, air, but it is sacred to them, or at least him, Daar is some kind of a calling, akin to an important title).

He seems to breathe through his skin, and is able to transmute air into something else within his body. Not like a plant. He also builds stuff that works based on the same principle. He says Air on Water.

My mind is comparing it to our wind turbines and hydropower plants. He scoffed at me in a way a Native American would scoff if I were to reduce their sacred ways into dry logical explanations.

He says elements of the planet have harmonies. Like different instrument groups in a symphony orchestra. And they are each treated like entities when they work with them, but it is much more intricate than that. They interconnect to create perfect orchestration. He is entrusted (by the planet) with some of the highest functions in that regard. Engineer and scientist and shaman. Of the atmosphere.

A-Daari-Ku. Wielder of the particular chords that live in the atmosphere. I find it very hard to translate, we have no words in our languages for this. It is also not about music, the music is a metaphor for what he is conveying. He is literally connected to this, part of it as a living being. Not just tuned into it but his sacred function and his being maintains harmony in this particular expression of the planet's existence. But it is interwoven with other expressions and elements like fingers of clasped hands.

He is as proud, wise and profound as a Master shaman and as uninterested in chit-chat as a genius scientist.

Seriousness prevails, but it is not dense and heavy. It is brimming with inner power and stability.

They seem to be an amphibian humanoid race. I will write for the sake of clarity Frog people but he is almost offended by it lol.. almost 'rolling his eyes' in a wise teacher way.

I feel his people are very proud about their way of life and accomplishments. They don't seem to reach out much to connect to other races. You have a lifestream there, he is a version of you.

He says -
"If you wish to connect and learn, I can teach you to see your planet the way you never saw it before. You should take that with you and love your home. Do not insult it by wishing to leave. It gave you birth, it gave you everything, it keeps giving and never asking for anything, but it deserves your respect and attention. In whichever way you wish to express that. It will change everything and it will bear fruits you never imagined possible."
This was a message for all humans, not for you in particular.

P.S. At the end I thanked him and bowed my head as a sign of gratefulness and respect. I felt him acknowledge that act and he was very pleased with it, just after that I opened my eyes and saw a bright white flash at the top of my vision. I think I received a blessing. Which is a huge deal for me because this race seems to be quite isolationist. Almost as if I "deserved" their respect even though they don't really like how we treat our planet. It really warms my heart and I feel deeply honored.

P.P.S. Only this morning I realized.. he is STANDING on a ROCK (Standing Rock events reference)

Mukhande Kaur