Daya Mitra

Sirius guide
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Daya Mitra, Sirius connection for Wendy

Notes for the client:

The name is a vibration. I received it without knowing any of the meanings and apparently there are many to be found on Google lol. What resonates the most is the compassionate friend, one with whom you have an agreement and she is beside you at all times. But they don't have actual names, it was given more as a title, a description. I was also receiving something that sounded like dolphin clicks as a name, but there is no way for me to translate that into anything relevant :)

The energy is definitely connected to Sirius, but this being is a light being. It is closer to a spirit guide as we think of them right now, than to someone incarnated in a body on a planet.

She swims through the cosmic waters and becomes one with them. Pouring in and out of herself like an endless vortex or rather a torus of the event horizon. Always spinning but perfectly still, everlasting.

She is so compassionate and she chooses to feel everything you feel, to go through it with you. Together. It is different for her, due to the vastness of her awareness, but she hasn't lost the connection with what it's like to live through and experience duality. Because she contains all of that and more. And her energy is inherently feminine, but again contains all aspects.

Meditating while watching the water can help you get into the state where her energy becomes more palpable for you. Especially playful living breathing fresh water like whirlpools and creeks, where you can see the water rushing but at the same time looking like it's still and perfectly clear. It can also help balance out your electromagnetic field.

There are downloads to be uncovered by doing this, and by tuning into the name frequency she has given. I am not receiving any specific messages from her other than the feeling of freshness, vastness and compassion. I feel honored to experience this special consciousness.