Galactic Faery
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Fiona, Galactic Faery connection for Sean

Sean has been connected to and working with a "galactic faery" being he calls Fiona since 2013. Fiona (who he experiences as a powerful Faery Queen connected to the Island of Iona in Scotland) is a key contact and partner for him in his service work to help stabilize, harmonize and integrate - Faery-Human-Galactic energies and relationships.

Notes for the client:

I have created 2 versions because initially I couldn't make up my mind, and then I received a nudge that both are relevant.

The first image depicts her cape more obviously, and the second one has her cape and energy blend with the cliffs that seemed like a place in Scotland or Ireland. As if her energy is reaching and trailing behind her to merge and cover vast amounts of landscape. I don't know if I managed to portray that so well visually so I am trying to explain what I saw so you can see it too, in case it's not that clear in the image.

I felt a very delicate energy but more than that, I felt sharpness of fresh spring air, mixed with salt air. Slightly beastly and wild energies too, like connecting to a beautiful highly intelligent animal. Not meaning that in a sense of lower density, but in a sense of a more 'alien' vibration to us humans, than it would be if she was fully human. An interesting theme that follows the commissions I've been getting lately for sure, the blend between the kingdoms and their energies. It also felt like she's emerging from under the grass and moss, which her cape represents symbolically.

As I finished, I was reminded of a cartoon I've seen that depicted spring as a female entity, breezing through the landscape melting ice and giving new breath to grass and trees as they start growing leaves.

Very synchronous commission as the spring is happening right now and I can tune into it so much deeper! I didn't get any specific messages from her. Probably because you are already connecting so well that there is no need for translations filtered through me. But I do want to say that I definitely gained a new level of appreciation for fairy kingdom and nature spirits, even though I was already in the process of communing with them in the last few months more intensely.

Gratitude for this opportunity and for Fiona honoring me with her presence. I hope I managed to translate her energies / vibration well and that the composition of the image speaks about the movement of her spirit in the wind in a more visceral way.