Elven Connections

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Galactic Family for Sean

Notes for the client:

The vibe I am getting is more complex than placing these guys under one race or civilization. Like I said before, I am getting a strong Pleiadian - Elven connection here. And a strong Lyran vibe, as if the original ancestor genes are very distinct in these people. This Lyran-specific royalty vibration is very present in them. The images kept shifting between them being in uniforms, tight space onesies lol, jumpsuits, then some type of royal elven looking garb and also casual light clothes. So I decided to represent several different looks, non specific to the person wearing them, it could be either of them. The clothes are not exactly like this, it's just a representation of similar types of clothes.

They carry a very masculine energy, but within that masculinity the feminine polarity which is fully integrated. So they are not androgynous, or even feminized, but within that dominant masculinity there is a fully integrated whole of femininity. In an energetic sense mainly, but it comes out through their gentle yet strong disposition. Similar to Thranduil character as he was represented in LOTR movies. They do have slightly pointed ears.

In the same way the females are very feminine, but carry within this completion of masculinity which doesn't take away from their femininity at all. Both sexes exist very distinctly, but they are complete in a way we cannot yet fathom. Hard to explain, but I think you understand.

Now I will share my perspective of this experience, but please do not take it as written in stone. I am exploring ideas here as well.

I do believe there is an Inner Earth connection here, but it's not clear to me as I am feeling the complexity is beyond my understanding. They are not living in caverns for sure. It is more like a dream realm to us. A different dimension and also higher density. I could also say that their "kingdom" or "realm" is different than ours but it is possible that to us it may happen to look like it is within Earth as well. But it's not. At least not when it comes to this particular race/civilization.

They can create pockets of Eden wherever, it is not location specific. But if they do create such a pocket, it is just a bleedthrough from a whole different reality where they reside. Otherwise they are definitely space travelers, they have ships and are also explorers of different worlds, but they have a strong connection to humans and Earth for sure!

I had an amazing conversation with my friend Gita Rose who channels Bella of the YahYel last night, and a lot of what she told me about their realm applies here as well. The more advanced stages of fourth density, the way they are is very non linear. I am getting the same sense of their reality as she explained the YahYel/hybrids are in. Or of. Actually quite mind boggling to try to explain or even consider. It is possible that by creation of these pockets of Eden on and inside Earth's natural environments, they have the ability to communicate with us more directly by using the nature's surroundings as a bridge to our world.

This nature connection and bridging is also something Gita and I discussed at length, and as I am connecting to your galactic family right now, new layers of this understanding are coming through. So I will dare to guess that the lush environment and nature are used as bridges to our world from theirs and vice versa, as minerals, insects, plants and animals co-exist in different realms/dimensions at the same time and are like vibrational placeholders for traveling between worlds. This traveling includes the Faeries and sprites and the rest of the nature spirits. This is what the "Inner Earth" might actually be.

I feel like we stumbled upon something very important here, Gita and you and I and these 3 beings, all of us together. A thread we can unravel in time. I just love it how we all participate in these discoveries together and add to each other's innerstandings and stories. It is kind of obvious that the nature is the bridge, but I feel like the understanding of this has many different layers and can go much deeper.

I feel like these three are a part of a council or some sort of a clan/family circle, and they all have different roles. Quite frankly it is very overwhelming to try to grasp their energy. There is so much love and wisdom, and knowledge that I can't even begin to unravel in this short amount of time. I am quite certain that you will be getting very specific information from them, about them, yourself.. over time, if you so desire and decide.

They feel like your close friends, like you've known them and they you, on many different occasions and encounters in your dream adventures. Almost as if they lined up like this to see if you'll recognize their energy. But the connection feels very warm, familiar, like you've spent a lot of time with them not just learning but talking, having laughs, exchanging wisdom, just hanging out too. Like some sort of a brotherhood connection you all have. It also feels like they get overjoyed when they see you, and give you a warm brotherly welcoming hug and pats on the back, and then look into your eyes smiling while holding you by the shoulders. The encounters I am seeing have that strong sense of familiarity over time.