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Travelers for Chris Notes for the client:

I was sitting here for a long time trying to figure out the identity of these energies, sifting between my own "map" of the universes and what other people have brought through. I ended up laughing with these beings, you know, the sincere belly Buddha laugh. I was asking the wrong question and was getting an answer to the right one from them. "We are." As in, not just them, but all of us, we are. Took me right back into the present, like a deck of cards suddenly assembling itself back into a pile, and then flattening into one card. Talk about Law of One heh heh.

You said you desire to know in order to serve. The orbs you are seeing, the spheres, the indigo light, all of it is exactly the answer to your question in the same way. The question is the answer. The visions are the knowing. This is your confirmation of the grand shift you are partaking in, evidence in our physical world of the multidimensional support you are receiving on your path. Doors you have opened to many aspects of yourSelf. You are witnessing the Unequivocal Presence of your support team. And these energies are so vast.. blueprints and lessons from Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda. They are all in service, funneling their love to you and through you. Supporting you in your dark nights and your brightest days.

You have just, or are about to bring a cycle in your life to completion. Your fellow Travelers are there to mark this transition and welcome you into a new cycle that will be far less structured and limiting. As you are letting go of deepest fears and embracing parts of yourSelf you previously perceived as "another", a new inspiration is emerging that is unlike anything you've encountered so far. Without obvious guidelines and markers, it ushers you into a fluid state of consciousness like a wave washing over the beach. This one is about letting go instead of seeking. You can be, if you so desire, one of the harbingers of these energies for the collective, as we are all moving towards this as Humanity.

This is why I couldn't figure out the identity of these energies. It defeats the purpose of this new tide, because it relates to structures that are not relevant for you at this time. Instead of identifying, this is about incorporating it all. And to me, it feels like these beings are very careful not to add to the structure and definitions in our minds. It feels like connecting to them is a redirection, goes straight to connecting to Source. That's the best way I can describe it. And as you already know, the image is there for frequency to dial in, rather than the actual physical representation, especially since these are incorporeal energies. But this is what came through as a clue to hone into :)