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Korvax for Susanne

Notes for the client:

A very tall and thin humanoid being. I say humanoid because this is not a Grey ET. He has more facial features of a small Simian than that of a Grey, even though they may look similar. Beautiful warm brown eyes that look very dark at a first glance. His head is larger than ours, the neck is longer and shoulders are more narrow, with long arms and legs. I believe I saw 4 fingers but I cannot be sure. They also looked very long, with a small palm of the hand.

I am feeling a very scientific mind. A lot of clarity and serenity present. Strong noble balancing presence. Great benevolence and compassion. He is definitely a consciousness of higher density, I would say 5th, related to wisdom. A teacher quality of energy, but also an explorer of worlds and realms.

He is very interested in humanity and is learning about us, and from us a lot. Mainly about our process of intergation, and complexity of emotional extremes that we have. I believe he teaches his kind to be contact specialists, but he himself is not one per se. More like an observer and a scholar / advisor.

He is closely connected to you through your Oversoul connections and you two have a lot in common, and a lot of complementary traits and excitements. Like a team working together you establish bridges and connections between our world and his. Between our wisdom and their own. Points of attraction are behavior patterns and alchemy that makes up an individual, and how it interconnects with others. You are both able to see these, and can work together in this exploration if you so desire.

This is not a being who initiates the contact. He is very calm and passive and will connect only when invited by you specifically. Yes, his energy is present and open at all times but he won't be giving you hints or messages or impose in any way until he is asked directly. Like a true sage.

I keep getting the name Korvax, but at the same time he's telling me it's close but not quite right. But something of a similar vibration. It is for you to tap into if it's important. Korvax would suffice though, for the purposes of this download. These beings are fully telepathic so they don't really call each other by name, but they might have it as a frequency signature that can be translated into our language.