The Galactic High Council of Mothers - Sirius
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Sirius guide for Christina

This was a hard one. I was getting mixed signals at first, or multiple beings wanted to come through. But what I believe this was is actually the connection they were showing me, for you.

There is a participation in the hybrid program from your side. I was shown a blue male child, very similar to the Sirian I depicted, but with gorgeous blue eyes. Then I was shown a Sassani connection there. Then I was shown Zetas from the hybrid program. And only then, finally, it crystallized as this being. So I had to go through different depictions, all of them morphing into one another until she came through and that's when the morphing stopped. This is why it took me so long lol. I wanted to make sure there won't be another change.

I believe it is all interconnected. I also believe we might have stumbled upon something really big here.. Seems like some of the Sirius races (or a race) are in some way responsible for creation of the Sassani race (who is one of the hybrid races between humans and Zeta greys). I can't really say how but this morphing adventure has brought this to my attention.

I didn't get any specific messages from this being, not even a name (if she has one), but her presence was definitely felt strongly. It is as if others came before her to pave the road energetically, while she was slowly coming through like water trickling down a cave wall, forming crystals.

Update: After several years of connecting to this being, client who I did the image for is beginning to channel her. I am sharing her message here:

Sovereignty with Humility.

We are asking for all to pay attention to how you will be evolving into the new dimensions. As Sovereign beings filled with compassion and only living under the all encompassing Law of Love. We use the Law of Love as a definition to express that this is the only way to be. There is love in speaking your truth, there is love in honoring yourself first, there is love in setting boundaries, there is love in releasing old beliefs, there is love in letting others go to follow their own path, there is love in loving you and accepting all that you are as you are. There is love and all there is- is love! Staying in your presence and feeling all your emotions fully whether unpleasant or joyful is the key.

You are becoming sovereign and you are doing this with the humility of recognizing that those who walk this earth near and far are being asked to do the same. We assist now and we do not enable. We listen and do not fix. We are present and we remain centered. We Love and Honor, and allow for all to stand in their own sovereignty. You will begin to recognize this in yourselves now, so that others may begin to follow themselves now. Sovereign Love is what will heal nations, Gaia, the Multiverse and ALL! For it allows us to coexist interdependently by serving and honoring the highest form of creation which is the individual within All That Is. The experience through polarity will result in this final embracing of the Law of Love that expands all our beings beyond. Feel into your sovereignty now and feel the amazing glory of who you are as a full expression of you in the All That Is. We Love You!

The Galactic High Council of Mothers-Creestal
Channeled by Christina Décalé-Colbri