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Naiad for Debbie

Notes for the client:

What a surprise to communicate with a nature sprite! She is some sort of a "Naiad" - a female nature spirit, otherdimensional presence that is connected to you. Very secretive and elusive, but she came forth almost in my face to be depicted, so definitely not shy but very inquisitive. She is carrying a message, suggesting you drop all tools and rituals you have been using and get out there into nature. It's time to experience these energies deeply. "Hands on" she said.

She actually reminds me a little bit of Willa Hillicrissing channeled by Darryl Anka, but she's definitely not a hybrid or one of the 33rd parallel shapeshifters. She is who and what shapeshifters communicate with, when they are going through their shamanic "training". Nature in all its multidimensionality.

So now, she is inviting you to cut all distractions and delve into nature. No steps, no tools, no special meditations or music, no routine. This is your world. You are connected to all of its fruits and inhabitants, across dimensions. Most humans keep these doors closed, because it's a vast world and fear of unknown is overwhelming, but we will be, as a species, tuning more and more into this as it is an integral part of our evolution. To be grounded and at one with our roots and all the kingdoms, so that we can stretch further into other worlds and levels of consciousness, including our ET families. Without being grounded and in tune with nature, we can lose ourselves easily.

So she suggests - commune with the trees, lakes, springs, rocks, mountains, soil and all the beings and energies connected to them, to learn to navigate this reality before embarking on a journey forward.

Synchronistically, I ran across this that goes so well with the message, so I am linking it knowing you are familiar with Darryl's material

Bashar - "Nature's Social Network" - Highlights