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Guides of Kaiyann Isa

They remind me a lot of my guides as well, with a slight difference. My guides appear to me with white hair, and these beings appear with golden hair. I kept getting an angelic vibe, even their garments seemed that way.

They were in a form of beautiful nurturing golden light, and first looked like lightbody silhouettes and then slowly crystallizing into faces, figures. Very androgynous, no noticeable features of male or female physiology but very human looking. The main difference was the bigger eyes and delicate features, and the fact that they looked and felt ageless and sexless. Very possibly just the way they decided to project their image, familiar to us, but they really are pure light.

There were many of them I could feel their energy within the golden light, and these 2 came through more as an example of their essence than any individual expressions. They were glowing so much that I wasn't sure how to depict that without losing detail lol. I don't know if they have relations to any ET civilization. (probably evolved past incarnational cycle)

It feels more like incorporeal love and wisdom combined. They do have their own "flavor" so to speak, and it is very primordial when it comes to our galaxy. The light language you are using is their way of reaching into our reality, bypassing mental structures, time and matter. And just like they are doing that, they wanted me to convey that this drawing is not a condensed detailed version of them, but a doorway, a portal. But you already know all that

Seriously though, connecting to them is like I died and went to heaven, and I don't feel like leaving lol. There is not much I can tell you, besides you are already communicating with this energy on your own as you know I just hope the energy translated into drawing enough to convey at least the gentle loving benevolence and clarity of information they offer.