Golden Beings

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Golden beings for Isabela

This is a reminder for you. They want to remind you why you are here in this Now. Earth, the blue marble. A precious jewel. It is also a way to wish you a happy new orbit.

They are golden giants. Energetically especially. Their presence is immense, and they are one of the seeders of life. The levels and universal scale at which they operate are simply unthinkable to us, but you carry that memory in your ethereal blueprint, and in your higher DNA strands.

They have chosen this particular expression for you in this portrait because it will trigger certain feelings that are going to facilitate your stepping more into your true divine self. They can appear differently though, and have been appearing differently to you, their emissary in Earth's dimensions.

Each form I have seen was golden / yellow though. One was similar to a Grey in shape, another was more Egyptian pharaoh looking with elongated skulls, but each time golden skin and black reflective eyes. And each time the same warm enveloping feeling around them, a feeling of ancestors, loving parents, vibrational caretakers.

Egyptian symbolism on their clothes is there for a memory trigger as well. Your bigger Self was there. And not in a human form. Temples from our history that tower over humans were perfectly fitting their stature. In this form, they remind me of a cheetah the most. I wouldn't say they are a Feline race, they say this is an expression that manifests according to their vibration and our collective's ability to read it, and this is one of the expressions that you know deep inside. They are beyond incarnations as we know them, but yet they are not a formless collective consciousness. Something else entirely.

They work with Solar energies, and that's not just our Sun but other star system's stars as well. Beyond physical, of course.

These beings are not from any system that exists in our time. They have evolved long time ago, when other stars were in our skies, stars that have long since died and new ones were born. This is probably why they have many faces, many expressions. I am quite positive that they have seeded life across another galaxy as well.

This is your family. They are here for you now, as all of this - past - present - future is in the now. To us in a human experience, time seems to flow very slow. From their perspective, our millennia are infinitely fast thought forms.

We are all their children in a way, and we all carry their light and their wisdom. Through cycles, through rise and fall of star systems, their breath of life remains.