Violet Flame

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"Your True Cosmic Being" (for Silvia)

I am sending two pictures, first one is the one you ordered, second is bonus and of a little bit lower quality you will notice, but I wanted to show you anyways because the being holds the violet flame, and it is also reflected in "her" eyes.

The main one represents the gentle all-encompassing unconditional love energy of your essence. She is floating in dense light, almost like water, in complete nurturing silence. Her eyes see everything that is unfolding, from smallest details in your life or your thoughts and understandings, to the grand scale of all her incarnate expressions. She observes it all with loving eyes, she is your Higher Self expression. All the little fractals in her eyes, in her iris, they are all lifestreams emanating from the central singularity. Layers upon layers. Parallels and densities of expression. You can align with this energy from the present moment and from the space of silence.

The violet flame expression is what you are offering to yourself. Your holy grail. It transmutes, neutralizes and purifies everything and it is your Source, your divine intelligence, your blessing to bestow upon yourself and the world.

Both of these portraits are best to be mediated on in quietude of mind.