Hybrid Boy

Human - Grey hybrid child
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This little bean poked his way through even though I was planning to start a piece for a customer. He came through for every one of us with a message.

He was so willing to pose, fearless and innocent, and said to look at this very closely.

"This is how we see you" - he said.

"Your children. Remember it. Remember the look in my eyes. You often can't see yourself unless it's through someone's eyes. And you often can't see what's in someone's eyes while they are looking at you, not until you see it from a different angle.

You often feel shame when faced with beings not of your world, you believe we are more advanced, more intelligent, more something. You believe you are not worthy. Whether it is your own shame, or the shame you feel towards your race.

Don't use us as an excuse to feel less than you are. Look at my eyes closely and see them looking at you. This is how we feel about you."