Pleiadian, Tall Nordic
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Moreia for Blu

Notes for the client:

She is a fifth density Pleiadian. Very close to incorporeal evolutionary existence. She has an angelic / celestial being / elven feel to her. The word that can describe it best is purity. Like pure crystal, or water, or like a tear and a dew drop. But very ethereal.

She appeared to me very tall. Around 2 meters. Svelte but not fragile. Gentle but sharp. Crystalline in a way of consciousness structure. I feel like this translates to her body too, in a sense how we are slowly evolving into more crystalline and less carbon based beings. I can clearly sense her physical form but it has no "meatyness" to it, and yet it's not cold at all but contains even more warmth and light. I am also hearing a resonant sound that reminds me of the sound crystal bowls make.

I feel that she is your essence in another form. Like sisters, both of your incarnations are connected by the same higher expression. What I am getting from her is that only you can understand her so well, because she is you and you are her. A future self of yours, so to speak, even though time does not exist when we speak of these concepts.

I am not feeling any messages coming from her. Instead, a deep feeling of connection between you two, sisters is the only way I can describe it in words but it's deeper than that. Two of the same Self. And this is what she is conveying to me primarily, that this type of connection is like no other because it's so close and similar to oneself that it's easy to feel Oneness with it. To truly -know- it as Oneness.

I feel that she is conveying to me that you had experiences of dreaming in her body, looking through her eyes. And the same goes for her.

I feel like both of you are a mystery in your own way to those around you and communing with each other brings a sense of clarity and peace without any need for explanations and words. It's almost as if it's a relief to have someone know you so well, at least that's what I am getting from her even though she doesn't experience such contrasting emotions as we do, but that's our equivalent of it. And I feel that this mirrors in your consciousness as well. To be fully known, such a beautiful and intimate experience.